Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Dr. Clyde Rivers Spokesperson

Great leaders of the community of Gary Indiana, the Gary Chamber of Commerce, with Dr. Gordon Bradshaw and Dr. Chuck Hughes, Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and other city leaders have come together to work towards civility in their state. Their efforts have combined forces to move civil actions and dialogue training into schools and create an initiative for the state.

Dr. Rivers said, “It is such a great thing that has happened in Indiana. A precedence has been set that is a prototype that other states and communities can follow. For the sake of our country and the world I sincerely hope others will follow suit.”

Golden Rule Dialogue and Golden Rule People Treatment is at the heart of true civil discourse. “Treating others the way you want to be treated” is the message and the Golden Question we need to ask AND answer is, “If this treatment were happening to me, would I be okay with it?” If we are honest in our response, we’d act different and our world would change. There is a back door to poor people treatment… poor treatment WILL come back on you. Call it Karma or reaping and sowing, there’s a universal principle that has ramifications. Poor people treatment will continue to cause our world to struggle with civility issues.
Dr. Chuck Hughes, Malik Hale,
Dr. Clyde Rivers

A young Community Civility Counts Initiative spokesman from one of the school programs in the Gary area, Malik Hale, shared at World Civility Day his understanding of what was taking place through this initiative and the training going on in his school. Malik received the first “iChange Nations™ Junior World Civility Award” from World Civility Day Spokesperson, Dr. Clyde Rivers. Malik is one of the upcoming leaders of our world and there are others that are following. Malik will be working with the Gary Chamber as a young leader and advocate for World Civility and Community Civility Counts Initiative. Dr. Rivers commented, “Malik is an outstanding young man that is going to make a big difference in this world. It was a privilege to honor him with our ICN Junior World Civility Award. We will bring honor to those that are honorable and it will raise the bar for our young people. They will want to become what we honor.”

Dr. Rivers is the President and Founder of iChange Nations™, his organization that is dedicated to Bringing Back the Lost Art of Honor, training Statesman and propagating Golden Rule Dialogue and Golden Rule People Treatment around the world.

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