Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Dr. Clyde Rivers with the Radio Host, Prince 

Dr. Clyde Rivers spoke to the nation of Ghana through their CLASS RADIO station, which has a listening audience of 1.5 million. On December 5, 2016, during a trip into the Republic of Ghana Africa, Golden Rule Dialogue Expert, Dr. Clyde Rivers was interviewed by popular radio host, Prince. Dr. Rivers was able to establish Golden Rule Dialogue, calling upon all citizens to value honor, peace and every human life, in anticipation of the country's upcoming elections.

Dr. Rivers said, “Prince is a true statesman for the media of Ghana. I appreciated his straight forward questions and his appreciation for honesty and truthfulness in the media. It was such a privilege to be able to air, on this station, our message of the Golden Rule and peace and development for this great country. Thank you to CLASS RADIO and their host, Prince.”

Dr. Rivers on CLASS RADIO
Dr. Clyde Rivers, is the Founder and President of IChange Nations™ as well as the global Golden Rule Dialogue Expert. Dr. Rivers travels around the world promoting Golden Rule Dialogue in the developmental process of finding peace through dialogue. Golden Rule Dialogue is simply, “Treat others the way you want to be treated in your dialogue.” Dr. Rivers' motto is, “Listening for Change.” He believes every life is valuable and created for a contribution to our world and that without peace, that contribution is lost and our entire world loses.

IChange Nations™ is also a professional institution that builds Statesmen by equipping, mentoring and training highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world. The organization is seeking to bring global awareness by strategically helping nations to educate, train and support the Nation Building Process designed to improve the dignity and betterment of human life. This international platform focuses on establishing effective relationships; to help people understand the value of honor and basic human rights.

IChange Nations™ is the World’s Largest Honoring Network Establishing Cultures of Honor around the world. ICN has established a movement that is bringing back honor to the world. They look to honor people at global, national, state and community levels that have made positive contributions in helping mankind. It is no wonder that Golden Rule Dialogue and honoring others are going hand-in-hand to change the world.

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