Monday, September 26, 2016


Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers and Amb. Dr. Eric Melwani

His Excellency Ambassador Clyde Rivers is an extraordinary leader of nations who believes in honoring others and to establish cultures of peace internationally by bringing back the lost art of honor. He is the Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi. He is also Co-Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington, DC. He has also been appointed as a Representative of Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations office in New York and the African Union, as well as a World Peace Ambassador for the Golden Rule International. He is also the Chief Chancellor of Education for United Graduate College and Seminary International.

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers is a great man of honor, integrity, and character who exemplifies the Golden Rule and is an inspiration to all of us by inspiring us to be the very best. He is an extraordinary global leader, a great visionary, an amazing role model and he is the voice of change to create a better tomorrow through empowering leaders globally.

He is surrounded by a tremendous, extraordinary team. Dr. Brian Williams who is a great leader with a great vision. Also, Dr. Donella Pitzl, Dr. Michal Pitzl, Dr. Robin Lococo, and Dr. Reuben Egolf just to name a few who are a part of his leadership team. They are great role models, great leaders and are making a significant impact. There are other statesmen, personally trained by Dr. Rivers, who are part of the IChange Nations™ (ICN) family making an international impact through empowerment.  

The mission of ICN is to bring back the lost art of honor by building a culture that recognizes individuals throughout the world who have accomplished extraordinary humanitarian efforts to bring change to nations. Dr. Clyde Rivers believes in giving honor to others and creating that culture because every individual is valuable. By creating a culture of honor we will create peace because we believe in the Golden Rule which states that one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Golden Rule Initiative is the initiative of peace. When there is peace then there will also be prosperity in the economics of the nations.

As a trained ICN Statesman, I was given the distinguished privilege to go to Grenada in February 2016 along with Dr. Charles Karuku to honor Senator Winston Garraway. We also met with Dr. Right Honorable Prime Minister Keith Mitchell of Grenada, Hon. Senator Winston Garraway, distinguished members of the Government, influential leaders and given the opportunity to speak to the great people of Grenada.

On behalf of Ambassador Clyde Rivers, we honored Senator Dr. Winston Garraway with the prestigious Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from the United Graduate College and Seminary International. He was also honored with the prestigious Golden Rule International Award and designated as a Golden Rule Goodwill Peace Ambassador.  It surely was an impactive trip to Grenada. Dr. Karuku and I left Grenada making a positive difference, creating a culture of honor in Grenada and representing Ambassador Clyde Rivers and IChange Nations™ well.

It surely is an honor to be a part of IChange Nations™ and to touch nations and impact lives by bringing back the lost art of honor. Also teaching others how to effectively communicate, build healthy relationships and create cultures of honor through teaching, living and practicing the Golden Rule ethic.

This article was written by Dr. Eric Melwani.

Dr. Eric Melwani is a Golden Rule World Peace Ambassador and a Statesman with IChange Nations™. He travels around the world with the message of the value of life and the Golden Rule. He also pastors the Church of Many Waters in Orlando, Florida with his wife Dr. Janet Melwani. 

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