Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Dr. Kevin Storr Presenting to Dr. Clyde Rivers
Professor Dr. Kevin Storr, a Golden Rule Alumni and the “Professor of Value,” presented Dr. Clyde Rivers with the Global Value Award.  Professor Storr created this award as part of a Global Value Initiative and chose to bestow in on Dr. Rivers at the IChange Nations™ Honor Event April 23, 2016, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  Professor Storr said, “This award was given to Dr. Rivers because we have observed that he brings value everywhere he goes---every country he steps foot on.  It was a great privilege to have this opportunity on this prestigious platform to present the Global Value Award to Dr. Clyde Rivers.”

Dr. Rivers responded, “It was a great honor to receive this award from Professor Storr. I feel very honored and humbled by this recognition.  It is impressive to see one of our alumni moving the Culture of Honor forward through this Global Value Award.”

Dr. Rivers is the founder and president of IChange Nations™, a professional institution that builds statesmen by equipping, mentoring, and training highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world. The organization is seeking to bring global awareness by strategically helping nations to educate, train, and support the Nation Building Process, which is designed to improve the dignity and betterment of Human life.  This international platform focusses on establishing effective relationships to help people understand the value of honor and basic human rights

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