Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers

Leconte University presented Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers with an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership in Humanities. The Library of Congress Haiti recognizes Leconte University and it is the first private university in the history of the Republic of Haiti to present this award for tireless effort to bring peace to the world.

The citation given to Dr. Rivers stated in part, “Your belief in ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’  - the Golden Rule, incorporates a belief system that sees no bounds, only ardent activity guided by the grace of God. Through this ideology, you have created a multi-cultural faith based initiative to resolve issues and concerns worldwide… As a World Peace Ambassador your commitment to promote unity and understanding, allows you to surpass obstacles be they culturally, racially or religiously inspired. Universite Leconte D’Haiti welcomes a partnership to utilize your leadership and administrative gifts to collaborate in the restoration of its prominence to the pursuit of education, social and economic development for the people of Haiti. Your vision has brought back the lost art of honor, which has earned you the respect as a distinguished leader among Heads of State, former Presidents, Clergy, Dignitaries and Universities worldwide.”

Ambassador Rivers said, “It speaks volumes to be honored by a non-religious university for trying to bring unity to the people of the world. Every individual born is valuable to the world and especially valuable to God. So we must protect the image of God in every individual born in this world.”

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