Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mario Murillo Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree From Latin University of Theology

Mario Murillo with Dr. Clyde Rivers

Latin University of Theology’s International Commissioner, Dr. Clyde Rivers, was in San Jose California on June 8th, 2014 to present Mario Murillo with an Honorary Doctorate in Theology. This historical event took place at the Star of David Ministry with the overseers Dr. Sonny and Linda Lara in attendance.

Dr. Rivers told the audience that, “Mario Murillo is a true pioneer of the faith. We are proud, at Latin University of Theology, to confer upon Mario Murillo the Honorary Doctorate of Theology for his labor in the Word of God as an evangelist.” Dr. Rivers went on to say, “Bringing back the lost art of honor is a critical element that we must implement in the body of Christ. We must recognize those that have gone before us. So it gives me great privilege to honor Dr. Mario Murillo for his labors of love for mankind.”

Latin University of Theology has extension campuses in over 28 nations of the world. We welcome Dr. Mario Murillo to the family of Latin University of Theology.

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